Friday, July 08, 2005

Intro to Baking and some research on the side

Last of the new classes and the one I am most concerned about ~ Introduction to Baking. I am not concerned because I think I am a bad baker necessarily, but because I will be marked according to my groupmates performance. Which is scary if I end up in a bad group. (So far, so good). Today was very simple, two recipes. The first was Sweet Dinner Rolls, yeast dough with a little egg and sugar added. We did first rise, knocked it down and then scaled little 40 gram balls which were proofed in a fancy, state of the art proofing oven, then egg washed and baked. Someone in our group had shaping issue, but we don't know who because we didn't mark them...

They were very salty tasting when they were hot, but as they cooled, they became mildly sweet and soft. We also got to learn about the science of yeast dough and baking, which was neat.
The next recipe was our choice from three cookie recipes (which I plan to share next week): Flourless Chocolate Cookies, Cinnamon Butter Cookies and Peanut Butter Sandies. Our group opted for PB Sandies ( Because we all love peanut butter). The sandies were not too peanutty, not too sweet and nice and crisp.

I may have accidentally brought some home. (We aren't allowed to bring home food from school ~ we can eat as much as we like on site, but nothing can leave the third floor. New Rule.)
After class, I ate my leftovers quickly in the short break and then it was on to a (shortened) Purchasing Class, for which I was completely ahead and was bored out of my mind. After class, I stopped by the library to pick up the first of many books I have requested on the history of food.

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