Wednesday, July 20, 2005

NARC~ South, Day Two: Fire Drills and Pulled Pork

Feeling really morose today, not sure why. Okay I am. I have become increasingly frustrated with some of the students in my class and with the administration of the school. And, apparently, it is beginning to show. We had a fire drill today, not just the school, but all 20~something floors of our building. It was a beautiful sunny day and it was almost painful to stand on the street for those short minutes, knowing we had to go back soon.

As we are standing around outside, Soren asks me to come by his office when we go back "to pick up recipes". When I arrive, he asks me to sit down and then proceeds to ask me what is wrong. I was momentarily stunned ~ he actually noticed! And I almost started crying as all my frustration started to well up, unchecked. I swallowed it, muttered something about being frustrated and feeling demoralised and not wanting to talk about it. I know, I should have let loose. But I was so unprepared for this that I needed to stall. I might go talk to him tomorrow, now that I know that he actually cares. Anyway, I feel a little shy about this next part, but I just had to share. Not only did I make the "honour roll" last quarter, but I was also the top of my class! I was completely stunned ~ obviously I have very little faith in my abilities! Anyway, enough of the shameless back-patting and and on to the nitty gritty - FOOD.
Today was a very edible menu and I was feeling very matchy-matchy on my plating, as you will soon see. For starters, Watermelon and Watercress Salad.

The next course was a less than thrilling peanut soup

And finally, Pulled Pork with Slow Cooked Greens and Buttermilk biscuits.

I got to work with Rachel and Mary this week and it was an absolute breath of fresh air. Almost too relaxed....
Tune in tomorrow for more melodrama! Swiss Style.


Jennifer said...

Congratulations! Honor roll and first in your class? These are accomplishments to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your success! I knew it would all come back! Sending you a virtual pat on the back. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yay Linda - congratulations! You should be very, very proud of yourself.

PS - I'm thrilled to have you on my team!! :)

Cerebrum said...

That really is so cool - you should be proud of yourself!

Cate said...

Congratulations, Linda!!

Jennifer said...

Way to go Linda! It sounds like you are doing great and you should be very proud of yourself!