Thursday, July 07, 2005

International Cuisine ~ Scandinavia

I think I am really going to like this course. I know some students were dozing, but I was soaking up every little detail about the evolution of traditional cuisines. I think I am going to have take some books out of the library for further research. Anyway, we had a light cooking day because of a long lecture. Very simple really, Baked Dill Cured Salmon with Creamed Potatoes and Pickled Cucumber. Photo to follow. Also, I should add that a new feature is available on request ~ recipes! I plan to set up a separate blog for recipes, but for the time being, I will only post if requested.

oh, and I didn't even know my school had an honour roll or Dean's List, but it does and I am on it!


Jennifer said...

Congrats on the Dean's list and Honor Roll Linda! That's awesome.

Sounds like you are learning lots and really enjoying cooking school. I'll check back to see what dishes you've made lately.

Cerebrum said...

Congrats Linda! That's pretty cool, ain't it?

Unknown said...

Thank you both for the congratulations! I am pretty happy about it. :D