Tuesday, July 12, 2005

NARC ~ Mid Atlantic Cuisine

This week, we focussed on the Mid Atlantic Cuisine. We also met our new chef~instructor, Christopher Klutzinger. I am going to reserve judgement for now because I have only met him once. I am nervous though ~ what if we have another Tim on our hands??
Anyway, back to the menu. First, Corn Crepes with Pan Smoked Shrimp and Asparagus.

The crepes were a little too dark because someone didn't chop the corn before they put it in the crepe batter and it tore everytime I tried to flip one. So I just cooked the hell out of them on one side and then flipped them onto a plate. The shrimp was the highlight of this dish, delicately smoky and perfectly cooked. I think if I had been given the opportunity, I would have plated this differently, but the demo went way over and we were scrambling for time. I'll save the rant to the end of the post...
Next, the main course: Pennsylvania Pork Roast with glazed vegetables, Dill Dumplings and Spinach Timbales.

The pork was pot roasted and was amazing ~ tons of flavour, very tender, etc. The dumplings were good as well, but I would have changed the herbs to match the pork roast. Spinach Timbales were ...interesting. They took far longer to cook than the recipe said, and were a nightmare to unmold, but I liked the way they tasted.
Now, on to the rant (It just wouldn't be a post from me without a rant). Class went over, way over. 5:30, I started washing dishes for all I was worth. People stood around and bitched about how late we were going to be. I was washing so fast, my heart rate was way up, I was cursing into the steaming sink and the few lucky souls who got to do dishes with me were treated to a run through of every bad word known to man. I took an hour for us to wash those dishes, and when I finally lifted my head from the sink, dripping with sweat, half the floors weren't clean, there were plates with food on them sitting around. I nearly lost my mind. Thankfully, Rachel gave me a lift to Granville Island so I could have a few drinks in honour of Stephanie's imminent departure for Japan.
Post Arts Club, I was whipping up a quick dinner for Katie, Rob and myself. I pulled a pan out of the oven, warned Rob and Katie not to touch and then proceeded to grab the searing hot handle. When I realised what I had done, I dropped the pan and it hit the floor, shooting hot fat at Katie's leg. teh moral of this story? I am not sure, but I think not cooking dinner after G&T's fits in there somewhere.
We did get to enjoy my SHF entry for dessert!

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