Saturday, July 23, 2005


I decided I wanted to play with squash blossoms tonight (anyone in Vancouver looking for them, you might find them in the Granville Island Market). i have never cooked with them before and I was going to a friend's house for dinner with six wee blossoms. I dug in their fridge and produced a filling involving pinenuts, mystery cheese, fresh basil, s&p and a little mayo for binder. I piped that into the blossoms, eggwashed and then breadcrumbed them. I heated some oil in a pot and proceeded to fry them. I had a little accident during production (photo following). But the end result was damn good, if I do say so myself!
Now to the ouch part. While frying the little buggers, I dropped my flipper in the pan. Hot oil hit my face and neck. The worst spot is on my left cheek, but I have a solid blister on the right side of my chin and some perfectly round red dots on my chest.


Jennifer said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch! Hot oil burns are the worst!

A few Easter's ago, I reached into the oven to pull out the braising lamb shanks. Not only had I forgotten to use a hot mat but the sudden pain caused me to drop the braising pan spilling the hot liquid all over my arm. The burn was ugly! For two days I lived on pain killers.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! This looks painful! My hairdresser, who's really into natural remedies, recently turned me on to aloe vera gel mixed with lavendar essential oil. It's antibacterial, soothing, and healing. I had an ugly burn on my arm which wasn't healing (laid my upper arm against the heating coil in my new oven the first time I used it), and it was amazing the difference it made. It might be worth keeping around with as much time as you spend it a kitchen!

Jennifer said...

Ouch! Burns are the worst. Thank goodness it missed your eye!

On another note, your squach blossoms sound wonderful! I am a squash blossom virgin myself--I don't know where around here I could even find them.

Unknown said...

Jennifer, that sounds hideously painful! Thankfully, I didn't do nearly that much damage to myself.

C4L, I have an aloe plant, put I will look into the lavendar suggestion ~ probably a good idea as I am a little accident prone...

Jen, the thought occurred to me that an inch closer and it would have been a lot more serious.

Erika W. said...

Linda- I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying reading your blog! I love hearing about your adventures at school- makes me drool every time I see the pictures.

Oh- and feel free to come over and make squash blossoms for me anytime! ;)