Sunday, July 03, 2005

Tagged Again ~ The Cook Next Door

Well, one last non~school post for now. And what perfect timing. Sweetnicks has tagged me for The Cook Next Door meme.
What is your first memory of baking/cooking on your own?
I was six or seven and I wanted lemon meringue pie. I whipped up my egg whites for meringue, made a rudimentary crust and a lemon custard. I put the little mini pie in the oven and waited for it to be done. When I figured time was up, I reached in to the oven and went to pull the tray out. I burnt my arm from wrist to elbow, a nice straight line from the edge of the baking tray. I was so scared because I knew my mom would find out I had been cooking when I was home alone!
Who had the most influence on your cooking?
That would have to be Rob. Together, we have explored food and cooking and learnt so much. I didn't really cook before I met him.
Do you have an old photo as “evidence” of an early exposure to the culinary world and would you like to share it?
(this is the point where my internet last saved. I completed the rest of the meme and promptly lost it)
Anyway, does dishwashing count?

Mageiricophobia - do you suffer from any cooking phobia, a dish that makes your palms sweat?

Mayonnaise. The simplest of sauces and I just can't get it right.
What would be your most valued or used kitchen gadgets and/or what was the biggest letdown?
Best: Spice Grinder, Knives, KA
Worst: Deepfryer, garlic press
Name some funny or weird food combinations/dishes you really like - and probably no one else!
Peanut butter and dill pickle sandwhiches
Peanut butter and cheddar
peanut butter and tomato
You get the idea...
What are the three eatables or dishes you simply don’t want to live without?
Black pepper
Any question you missed in this meme, that you would have loved to answer? Well then, feel free to add one!

Three quickies:

Your favorite ice-cream…

Real Vanilla Gelato
You will probably never eat…

Nothing. I will try everything once (I think)
Your own signature dish…
I don't think I have one. I cook so many new things, I can't be identified with any particular one. Maybe my chocolate chip cookies?
I Tag poco-cocoa and Always in The Kitchen.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Linda! Thanks for the tag...I'll post my answers very soon. And by the way, peanut butter and pickles? Very, very interesting...